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I have   suffered the   experiences of , trauma, painful emotional 'wounding,' confusion, desperation and helplessness.  I often found it very difficult to ask for help and this appeared to "mirror" my early childhood and upbringing.  I had become "conditioned" and traumatised by my own life experiences. Through therapy I became mindful of how vulnerable we can all be, particularly in the very early stages of life, but this experience can greatly affect us in the present.


We are hard-wired to seek out intimate bonds with those closest to us, but early impingements can significantly affect our attachment process to our caregivers which can detrimentally affect the foundations of ourselves and our personality development.


Psychotherapy gave me the space to "process" these experiences and make some 'sense' of my life.  It allowed a sense of relief and for healing to take place. It was for me-life changing. These experiences inspired me to become a psychotherapist and it is has become my joy to support others on their own journey in gaining awareness and making transformations in their lives. 


 Our "mindfulness" can lead to awareness and the beginning of our healing. We can learn how to slow our "process"  down and regulate the effects of anxiety, depression, anger, numbness, shame, and hopelessness.

 Our experiences are one side of the healing journey. Even when we are suffering greatly, it is possible to find meaning in our pain and become wiser. These challenges can teach us how to be more self-contained, have the presence of mind and gain tranquility and restore our inherent health.  




Roland Oliver


"I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to
live up to what light I have."


Abraham Lincoln


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